Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Test Knit

OK, I did another test knit of my new pattern, just to make sure it works :)
This time I used an 8ply (DK) crepe 100% wool, with all the same needles as stated in the pattern.

The result . . .
Love it :) Fits beautifully, and the crepe twist makes the 'cables' stand out more than the other wool did.

I am off to bed now (12.30am here!!), but I will post a photo tomorrow, so you can see the new glove.
On a side note . . . if you like your warmers long, you may want to add in another repeat or two of the pattern, before returing to the rib.

Judy XX

Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Pattern Design

Hi there.
I have recently been re-inspired by knitting, and wool craft in general. So much so, that I have even written a pattern of my own!

I thought I'd start this blog so I can share not only what I am knitting at the moment, but my own creations and the patterns as well.
I hope you enjoy them, and come back often.

Mock Cable Hand Warmers
A Work in Progress . . .

The Finished Product . . .

These hand warmers have been knitted in "Sean Sheep Wool - Rockbank".
It is an 8ply/DK (equivalent) 70%Wool & 30% Soybean, from one of our Australian Chain Stores - BigW.
It is a varigated wool. When I finished knitting the pair of gloves, each one was different, but with the same blend of colours . . . kinda funky . . . I really like the effect.
These should work with any 8ply/DK wool.

edited to add: I thought I was using an 8ply/DK wool, but another website suggested it was a 10ply/Aran/Worsted wool. I think it would work well with either :)

Would you like the pattern?
Click on the image below . . .

Have fun . . . and leave me some love it you download the pattern.
I'd love to see your creations if you actually use it . . . put a link in your comments, and I'll go check yours out.

Happy Knitting
Judy XX