Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rainbow Shawl

I made this shawl before I made the poncho, but I have only just taken the photos to share with you.
I used the "Simple Yet Effective Shawl" Pattern, and added my own take on it . . . some 'yarn over' rows and used a varigated wool - Moda Vera Sentiments Rainbow Mix (4 balls - from Spotlight @ about $5 AU per ball)

I love how it turned out.

I think this one might be a present for someone . . . I wonder who the luchy recipient will be??

Thanks for looking
Happy Knitting


Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Sassafras Poncho

Last weekend John and I went for a drive to Sassafras. A lovely town in the Dandenongs, great for a wander after a hard week at work.

We had a late lunch/afternoon tea at Miss Marples (you have to book in in person and come back at your alloted time). While we were waiting for our table we had a wander through the shops. I LOVE the tea/coffee shop, it always takes ages to choose the coffee we want to take home :)

After we had finished our afternoon tea, it was raining, so we decided it was time to make a dash for the car and go home.

GUESS what I found on the way to the car???
Yes . . . you guessed it . . . the most GORGEOUS Wool Shop I have seen for a long time . . . The Sassafras Wool Store. Fortunately for John, the back part of the shop is an antique and collectibles store . . . so he headed out there, whilst I drooled over the wool, chose yet another project, patterns and wool.

As I was paying for my goodies, I couldn't help admiring the beautiful poncho that the owner was wearing. I had to ask how she had made it. Turns out it was not as hard as I had imagined!

So . . . here is my version.
I have called it the "Sassafras Poncho" in honor of the store that inspired it :)
It is basically two squares turned on an angle (making diamond shapes) and sewn together.
Here is the work in progress . . .

A 'square' almost finished . . .

The pattern is more a basic recipe, it needs your creativity and inspiration to bring it to completion!

"Chunky" types - A variety of complementary wools that can be knitted on large needles without losing too much shape.
I used Moda Vera (from Spotlight) - 2x Shiver, 1 each of Charlotte, Wisp, Parade, Cabaret, Mousse, all in black

Needles: 10mm


  • Knit 2 squares - Cast on 50 stitches (or amount required to give you the size square you wish for). Knit in garter stitch, changing wool types as desired, until piece is square. Cast off loosely on wrong side.
  • Join shoulder seams - Pieces are sewn together as follows . . . Cast on edge of one piece, to side edge of other piece, and visa versa; leaving ~ 9in opening at the top of each seam for the neck opening.
  • Fringe bottome edge as desired
Note: The pieces are sewn together in such a way that there is a point at the centre front bottom, and at the centre front neck edge. When wearing the poncho, the point at the neck edge is folded over and can be held in place with a clip/brooch.

Your finished Sassafras Poncho should look something like this . . .

Here I am wearing it. Guess I should have done my hair, and got out of my tracksuit for the photo.
Oh well, next time I'll be more prepared!!!

If you decide to knit one, I'd love to see your work.
Leave a link to your photos in the comments, and I'll go and check it out.

Happy Knitting
Judy XX

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Test Knit

OK, I did another test knit of my new pattern, just to make sure it works :)
This time I used an 8ply (DK) crepe 100% wool, with all the same needles as stated in the pattern.

The result . . .
Love it :) Fits beautifully, and the crepe twist makes the 'cables' stand out more than the other wool did.

I am off to bed now (12.30am here!!), but I will post a photo tomorrow, so you can see the new glove.
On a side note . . . if you like your warmers long, you may want to add in another repeat or two of the pattern, before returing to the rib.

Judy XX

Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Pattern Design

Hi there.
I have recently been re-inspired by knitting, and wool craft in general. So much so, that I have even written a pattern of my own!

I thought I'd start this blog so I can share not only what I am knitting at the moment, but my own creations and the patterns as well.
I hope you enjoy them, and come back often.

Mock Cable Hand Warmers
A Work in Progress . . .

The Finished Product . . .

These hand warmers have been knitted in "Sean Sheep Wool - Rockbank".
It is an 8ply/DK (equivalent) 70%Wool & 30% Soybean, from one of our Australian Chain Stores - BigW.
It is a varigated wool. When I finished knitting the pair of gloves, each one was different, but with the same blend of colours . . . kinda funky . . . I really like the effect.
These should work with any 8ply/DK wool.

edited to add: I thought I was using an 8ply/DK wool, but another website suggested it was a 10ply/Aran/Worsted wool. I think it would work well with either :)

Would you like the pattern?
Click on the image below . . .

Have fun . . . and leave me some love it you download the pattern.
I'd love to see your creations if you actually use it . . . put a link in your comments, and I'll go check yours out.

Happy Knitting
Judy XX