Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Pattern Design

Hi there.
I have recently been re-inspired by knitting, and wool craft in general. So much so, that I have even written a pattern of my own!

I thought I'd start this blog so I can share not only what I am knitting at the moment, but my own creations and the patterns as well.
I hope you enjoy them, and come back often.

Mock Cable Hand Warmers
A Work in Progress . . .

The Finished Product . . .

These hand warmers have been knitted in "Sean Sheep Wool - Rockbank".
It is an 8ply/DK (equivalent) 70%Wool & 30% Soybean, from one of our Australian Chain Stores - BigW.
It is a varigated wool. When I finished knitting the pair of gloves, each one was different, but with the same blend of colours . . . kinda funky . . . I really like the effect.
These should work with any 8ply/DK wool.

edited to add: I thought I was using an 8ply/DK wool, but another website suggested it was a 10ply/Aran/Worsted wool. I think it would work well with either :)

Would you like the pattern?
Click on the image below . . .

Have fun . . . and leave me some love it you download the pattern.
I'd love to see your creations if you actually use it . . . put a link in your comments, and I'll go check yours out.

Happy Knitting
Judy XX


  1. Thanks so much for this pattern! Made these last night for a friend, and it worked perfectly. I've posted a picture on Ravelry under my finished projects - Auralia.

    They took very little time and are gorgeous. =)


  2. I found this pattern on Ravelry and loved it! It took me roughly 8 hours to do one pair. Thank you for your very clear directions. I uploaded photos here:

  3. I loved knitting this pattern. I knitted them in a solid colour and to me the cables look like little roses. Thank you very much. I have posted a picture on ravelry under my projects - hayju